Company Introduction
BTC(1) is an organization that develops and implements BWR(2) nuclear power plant operator(3) training. We contribute to the safe and stable operation of BWR nuclear power plants by striving to improve and maintain the technical skill of operators through training.

Training consists of both individual and team training. Individual training is performed in accordance with trainees' job position and experience, while shift team training focuses on improving overall group competency and ability.

BTC carries out practical skills testing and training based on the responsible operator judgment system.

Additionally, BTC provides intensive training courses which include the practical use of simulators in order to fulfill the various needs of utilities, manufacturers, and government organizations.

ABWR Under
(1) BTC
The acronym "BTC" stands for "BWR Operator Training Center." However, we are known as "BTC" by our trainees, customers, and related organizations.
(2) BWR
The acronym "BWR" stands for "Boiling Water Reactor." BWR-type reactors make steam in the reactor vessel with nuclear fission. The steam is then used to drive turbines that are connected to a generator, which produces electricity.
(3) Nuclear Power Plant Operators
Operation of a nuclear power plant takes place in a control room located inside the power plant. Inside the control room, a 24-hour system of operation and supervision takes place by a team of highly qualified operators called a "shift team."
BTC,BWR Operator Training Center Corporation.
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