Establishment and ongoing improvement of compliance programs for personal information protection

BTC endeavors to inform directors and employees of the importance of personal information protection. In order to protect personal information the company has set up compliance programs for personal information protection, which include this policy document, personal information protection regulations, and other related standards and regulations. BTC is continuously improving these programs.

Compliance with personal information protection regulations

BTC has established a management framework for the appropriate protection of personal information with consideration given to the operations and scale of each department and in accordance with rules for personal information management , and other related rules and norms. This management framework collects, uses and provides personal information in an appropriate manner as well as disclosing and changing personal information at the request of the information provider.

Ensuring accuracy and safety of personal information

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, BTC endeavors to maintain accurate and up to date personal information, as well as putting in place rational safety protocols from the perspective of information communications technology and the management framework. BTC makes every effort to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, modification and leakage of personal data.

Compliance with laws and regulations and other standards for the protection of personal information

BTC complies with laws and other related standards, regulations and guidelines as set out by government departments and other specified organizations relating to personal information protection.

Consultations contact

For inquiries regarding handling of personal infomation in our company, please contact below;

General affairs group, Administration department

Phone +81-257-45-5500 Fax +81-257-45-5500

Personal Information Protection Policy of BTC

BTC handles various information, including our technical information and information provided by customers. With this in mind, BTC has strived to establish and fully enforce an information management system in order to respect the value of the said information.

BTC will strive to protect personal information appropriately based on this policy as follows.

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